Wayan Linggawa

Master of Computer Science, Auckland University of Technology

Reusing Past Replies to Respond to New Email: A Case-based Reasoning Approach

Jannata Giwangkara (Egi)

Master of Energy, the University of Auckland

Planning the Electrification of Rural Villages in East Nusa Tenggara Using Renewable Energy Generation

Nindita Soenarso

Master of Energy, University of Auckland

The composition of siliceous sinter around Old Faithful geyser, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, U.S.A

Gugi Ganefianto

Master of Geophysics, University of Auckland

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Thita Titaningtyas

Master of Environmental Management, University of Auckland

Stakeholder perceptions on the role of forest ecosystem services in sustainable development : a stakeholder analysis of Indonesia

Rosyid Jazuli

University of Victoria, Wellington

Navigating reform policy dilemma in developing countries: Learning from the experience of Indonesia’s fuel subsidy reforms

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Moh Abdul Hakim

PhD student in Political Psychology, Massey University, Auckland

Indonesia dari Kacamata Kang Emil

Ghifari Ganefianto

Bachelor of Science in Geography and Environmental Science, University of Auckland

Hikmah Isnaini

Master of Forestry Science Program at University of Canterbury, Christchurch

Do we need to STOP cutting down the trees?

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